Software Development

  • Custom Application development (web, Desktop and mobile)
  • Database, data-warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Document/image management and archiving

Software Integration and Interoperability

  • HL7 and HIPAA standards
  • Medical Equipment interface/data integration
  • Pharmacy systems integration
  • EDI, XML, and Web Services interface systems
  • Legacy system integration and interoperability
  • Integration with Hospital Information Systems

Prioritize, Plan, and Implement

The healthcare industry is facing increased challenges in efficiencies, compliance and regulatory areas. Your clients are facing pains associated with rising research and development costs, pipeline failures, patent expiry, ensuring patient safety, compliance with quality standards, and medical accuracy. T-Force helps clients to prioritize, plan, and implement specific technology programs that alleviates these pains and increases workflow effectiveness. We works as an extension of your team, providing expertise and deep knowledge of the next-generation communications landscape.

Our custom software development expertise, combined with mobile and cloud based technologies results in state-of-the-art tools and high-quality healthcare software products. As your partner, we can design and develop a new product, transform an existing product into a cloud based or mobile solution and migrate your product to newer technologies.

We understand healthcare technologies very well so our customers don't have to explain HL7, DICOM or HIPAA, it saves their time and reduces the costs to deliver quality services. Our experience team provides effective solutions in the area of e-health for medication management, clinical decision support, evidence based medicine, disease management, e-prescribing, home care, mobile health, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), telemedicine, payment reconciliation, medical device software development.